Love My School Counselor Contest

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Nominate Your Favorite School Counselors for an “I Love My School Counselor” Honor in February

Nominate your counselor heroes who have gone above and beyond to help you.  email counselor’s name and school, and a 200-word or more description of their good works to by Jan. 31, 2014.

School counselors play a key role in helping Utah’s children learn about themselves and their talents, how to treat others, how to deal with personal issues and the educational and career paths they might pursue. The Utah School Counselor Association (USCA) is sponsoring an “I Love My School Counselor” award and is asking Utah students, former students and adults to nominate their favorite Utah school counselors who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help them. A select group of counselors will receive awards in February during a Utah School Counselor Month event.

“Utah’s children and youth sometimes face tough dilemmas and issues, and there are many school counselors who have served as a listening ear, presented fresh insights, introduced financial or community resources to help children and families deal with their issues,” said Valerie Ross, USCA President. “Problems such as suicide, bullying, and making sure all students have access to educational and real-world opportunities often require complex solutions that take sensitivity, skill and a lot of time to work through. Our “I Love My School Counselor,” campaign gives students and parents a special way to say thank you to those counselors who have made a significant difference in their families’ lives.”

Nominators will be contacted by email if their nominee has been selected. The Utah School Counselor Association will invite the winners and those who nominated them to a special awards event in February.


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