About USCA

USCA is built on four fundamental pillars in the work for Utah School Counseling: Professional Advocacy, Professional Development, Counselor Recognition, and Counselor Support. These are the guiding principles that determine the work of the entire association. These pillars frame USCA's mission statement, annual vision statement, and our goals and objectives.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Utah School Counselor Association is to support professional school counselors in their work for students through advocacy, professional development, recognition, and support. ​

  • Vision

    “Keep Moving Forward"

Goals for the Year

1. Advocate with all stakeholders for school counselors as a vital support for students. 

2. Update member only services to be able to deliver relevant professional development for counselors at all academic levels.

3. Recognize and celebrate counselor leadership roles and achievements in their work.

4. Provide access to community outreach events, resources, grants, mentorship, and counselor care.


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