Have you taken full advantage of your USCA Membership?


Conference Series

Members participate with unprecedented access to leading experts. As members, you may ask questions one-on-one with experienced professionals, learning state-of-the-art practical applications that can be immediately implemented. As a member you receive a member discounted rate for both in person and virtual conference options. You may also pay for your membership at the time of your conference registration.

Professional Development

Professional development is fundamental to USCA and an extraordinary benefit to our members. The unbeatable Annual USCA Conferences, Spring Summit, Podcasts, Tuesday Takes, newsletters packed with resources, and so much more are included in every membership. USCA brings you CEUs as often as possible. USCA is serious about advancing the school counseling profession.


While USCA does not have an official mentorship program we do have access to hundreds of counselors across the state including our board members. USCA is committed to helping link counselors together who request mentorship or coaching. Our goal is to make sure every counselor in the state of Utah feels supported and has other school counselors they can reach out to for support.


Interested in legislative affairs? USCA members are uniquely invited to participate in state legislation and policies that matter to school counseling. Your membership in USCA gives counselors an organized way to advocate for what matters most to you.


USCA members elevate the profession of school counseling by publicly honoring and rewarding achievement, hard work, and success. More recognition for counseling excellence, more counselor scholarship opportunities, and more publicity of success, not only educates the public about the profession but motivates counselors to perform well. Counselor Spotlights, Rookie Awards, Team Awards, ASCA National awards, and multiple scholarship are a benefit of USCA membership. This recognition for exceptional work provides exposure so school administrative and supervisory staff can see the value of counselors.

Supporting Counselors - USCA Cares

Do you wish you could do more for your fellow counselors dealing with tragedy and hardship in their schools? As a member of the Utah School Counselor Association you can connect with those counselors who are working through difficult challenges. USCA Cares reaches out to our fellow counselors in need, giving them encouragement, professional assistance, and material help. Your membership helps spread compassion and care to fellow professionals.


Through collaborations, relationships, and partnerships, USCA seeks out meaningful membership benefits. The upcoming USCA member WhyTry  free training, free book, and a significantly reduced program cost for the full WhyTry program is just one example of the meaningful collaborations that USCA has to help promote the work of school counselors.


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