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​The Sounding Board

Enjoy new episodes every Monday morning on your drive to school as Hill and Nate talk with a variety of experts and school counselors who share ideas for Utah school counselors. 

​Available wherever you get your podcasts!

  • I Hear You Say

    I Hear You Say is the ASCA Podcast that covers a variety of school counseling related topics. They have talked about the history of school counseling, provided tips to helping your students, and given even more information on College and Career Readiness.

  • Encouraging Words

    Encouraging Words for School Counselors is a free 5-10 minute podcast that airs weekly. The podcast features heartening short stories as well as practical tips from school counselors to make your work week a bit lighter.

  • Counselor Accents

    We have big plans for this school counseling podcast. We like to think of ourselves as equal parts entertaining and informative, and we hope after the first episode you feel the same way about us! Some weeks we will have guests. Some weeks it will just be us. It’s going

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