USCA'S Legislative Priorities

USCA has 3 priorities to target during this upcoming legislative session:

  • Increase the number of elementary school counselors.
  • Decrease counselor to student ratios.

The 2024 Legislative Session

Information coming soon!

Educator Day on the Hill

Educator Day on the Hill is held every Friday during the legislative session and USCA will partner with UEA to send as many school counselors to Educator Day on the Hill as we can. More details about the USCA specific Day on the Hill are forthcoming.


The UCSS is a collaborative effort between the Utah School Nurse Association (USNA), Utah Association for School Psychologists (UASP), Utah Association for Behavior Analysists (UABA),  Utah Speech-Language Hearing Association (USHA), and the Utah School Counselor Association. To learn more about the UCSS please click the button below.


Advocacy Tips

Advocating for Students

  • Own the Turf - Resources to help counselors implement their programs for student success.
  • Help students gain access to needed resources.
  • Take risks to meet needs of students.
  • Be visible to your students and stakeholders

Advocating for your Program

  • Promote the work we do that promotes student academic success.
  • Management Agreement
  • Avoid discipline issues
  • Avoid being a therapist
  • Reach out to stakeholders
  • Data Projects: Make your data known

Tools and Resources

Social Activities

USCA has developed a Social Committee to help get counselors across the state to socialize with one another and to help share resources. The Committee will be holding events for all counselors (USCA member or not) to participate in these events! We want to be able to support you and your needs in this trying time of a "new normal." If you have any ideas or needs that we can help provide please let us know.

USBE Resolutions

At times the Utah State Board of Education will release a resolution or statement on key issues. We will provide those here for reference.

ASCA Standards  and Position Statements

The Utah School Counselor Association fully supports and promotes the values found in the position statements set forth by the American School Counseling Association through their published positions statements. To find out USCA's and ASCA's position on school counseling related topics please click the button below:


ASCA Toolkits, Frameworks, and Resources

Members can also access the additional resources, toolkits, and framework documents that are published by ASCA. These items are often created in collaboration with other organizations on critical topics of importance. These are maintained consistently so members are able to access material that is up-to-date with current issues.

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