Mission Statement

The Utah Coalition of School-Based Specialists (UCSS) supports Utah students and educators by working collaboratively to:

  • Support one another's professional organization initiatives
  • Provide diversified training opportunities for members
  • Advocate for students and our members needs with a collective voice
  • Improve communication between professions
  • Create strong relationships between our groups/members

UCSS believes that in working together, our organizations can do more for Utah students.


The UCSS was born from the realization that as professionals in the workplace, particularly schools, we are frequently working closely together as a team to support students. It seemed only natural that our organizations would then work together as a continuation of that team work. The adage, "we get more done together than we do apart," rings very true for educators and those who work in the more itinerant education support roles.

We hope that together we can create change, empower our organizations, and best support our members and their students. We plan to have leadership from each organization board meet at least twice yearly in person and continually meet using technology.


Do you have ideas for what this group can do for you or for your students? Have a brilliant idea for areas that we need to focus on? Reach out to us through this contact page!

Member Organization Websites

  • Utah School Nurse Association

  • Utah Association of School Psychologists

  • Utah Association for Behavior Analysts

  • Utah Speech-Language Hearing Association

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